Like each leaf of a tree, our life is blessed with friends who help to define us as the individuals we are. The changes of season that a tree undergoes is like the circle of friends through out our lives. The Tree of Friendship reminds us to cherish each of our friends. The old and the new, as each one adds a unique leaf to our tree of life.

Sometimes we need the perfect gift for that one special friend who has seen us through it all. Our Tree of Friendship handblown glass globes and oil lamps have beautiful layers of color, and the tree of life illuminating the center.

Small (measures about 3 inches round, about the size of a baseball) 

Large (measures about 6 inches round, like a very large grapefruit)

Extra Large (measures about 12 inches round, very big and beautiful!) 

Oil Lamp (measures about the same size as the large, but with a flat base and wick)