Local Artist FAQ

How Can I apply as an Artist to Your Gallery?

Thank you for your interest in applying as an artist with us. We specialize in local, handmade art and crafts, including handmade glass, pottery, jewelry, paintings and unique gifts. We are currently dedicated to the artists we have, and are open to learning about your work for when we have space available. Thank you.

What Are We Looking For?

    1. We are highly selective and strive to maintain a variety of original work that our customers cannot find anywhere else.
    2. Please be respectful and send us your completed application, photos and contact information via mail or email only. Our gallery hours are reserved for retail operations and customers as our highest priority.
    3. We are currently committed to our full time artists in the gallery. We periodically review submissions from artists not overly represented in Saint Augustine.
    4. If we feel your work is a particular fit for our gallery, and we have an opening, we will contact you for an interview after reviewing your completed application.

    What is the Application Process?

      1. Interested artists should send ten to twelve photos of recent work, with size, material and price information for each photo. Please include your completed application and a list of where else you sell your work, in person and online.
      2. Photos must depict work produced solely by you within the past 24 months.
      3. Send inquiries to our mailing address or email address only.
      4. We cannot respond to inquiries via social media or phone calls.Please do not send links to your site or social media without the required application and photos with detailed information including retail pricing for each work.
      5. Please do not expect us to be able to discuss your application on the phone or at the front counter without an appointment. Thank you.


      New Artist Application:

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      City:                                             State:                          Zip:



      Social Media/Website:


      Other galleries representing your work:


      Other online venues selling your work:


      Description of your work, materials, and retail pricing:



      Mail to: PO Box 456, Saint Augustine, FL 32085