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Local Artist FAQ

How Can I apply as an Artist to Your Gallery?

Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out, our goal is to help you achieve great success with your work.

We specialize in local, handmade art and crafts, such as jewelry, art, ceramics, stained glass, blown glass, paintings and more. We are artists ourselves, and started our gallery because we love creating original art.

What Are We Looking For?

    1. We are highly selective and strive to maintain a variety of original work that our customers cannot find anywhere else. It is important that our customers feel your work is exceptional, authentically handmade by you individually, excellent quality and only available in a select few places.
    2. Please note that we are currently committed to our full time artists in the gallery. We do however, periodically review submissions from artists not currently represented in Saint Augustine. 
    3. Given that decisions are not made on site, and that gallery hours are reserved for clients and retail operations, we ask that artist submissions be made via mail or email only. Thank you for understanding that we receive many artist submissions a month and it takes a while to review and respond to each, and there are times we cannot get to everyone in a timely manner. 
    4. We love to feature interesting, beautiful, new local art. We work with each artist to create the best possible space and consignment agreement for their work on an individual basis.
    5. If we feel your work is a particular fit for our gallery, and we have an opening for space, we will contact you for an interview after receiving your completed application.

    What is the Application Process?

      1. Interested artists should send five to ten good photos of current work including detailed information for each piece, including size, retail price and materials. Please include information about yourself and a list of where else you sell your work. 
      2. Photos should depict work produced solely by you within the past two years.
      3. Send inquiries to our mailing address or email address only.
      4. We cannot respond to inquiries via social media, so please do not contact us via Facebook or similar for artist submissions.
      5. If it is a good fit for our gallery, we will contact you to make an appointment and see samples of your work.

        Please DO: 

        • Mail us an inquiry detailing your work, your retail prices, materials used and good photos
        • Provide five to ten photos of current work
        • Include retail prices and detailed information about each piece
        • Include information about yourself and where else you sell your work
        • Provide work produced solely by you, the artist, within the past 2 years

        Please DON'T:

          • Cold call the gallery and ask about applying as an artist, while we are trying to help customers.
          • Interrupt gallery operations in person by trying to show pictures on your phone or samples of your work. 
          • Contact us via social media regarding applying as an artist.