Just as a tree is held together by its roots, the world is held together by people who care. They nurture, foster, and help others to grow, heal and to prosper. The Tree of Caring reminds us to be thankful for those who care and to pass on the care that we have received to others who need it.

Caring is reminiscent of a summer sky, with lots of blues, a little purple and red, with a touch of green. Always a best-seller, the Tree of Caring is a very popular choice and make a wonderful present for that special someone in your life that you truly care about!

Available Sizes: 

  • Small (measures about 3 inches round, about the size of a baseball) 
  • Large (measures about 6 inches round, like a very large grapefruit)
  • Extra Large (measures about 12 inches round, very big and beautiful)!