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  • Angels Influence Soy Candle

    MADE IN USA - Angels Influence: A popular combination used to call upon our Angels, including Honeysuckle, Sweet Heather, Rose and Peppermint. Light this candle to call upon the light of those who guide and protect you, to uplift, honor and give you insight. This is a favorite for parents, care-givers, and any time you want to attract uplifting guidance, protection and clarity.

    REIKI CHARGED - These positive vibe candles are handmade in small batches, by a loving candle maker who creates them with loving and uplifting intention for best results

    PURE ESSENTIAL OILS - Created with the highest quality essential oils and clean burning wax, these candles are meant to last. Use this candle to call upon your Angels, to ask for protection, guidance and grace.

    HOW TO USE - Find a comfortable space, and take a few moments to breathe in, then breathe out. Center yourself, light the candle, and envision stress and chaos leaving your body. Read the affirmation on the candle, outloud for best results. Center your attention on your strength and well being. 

    SIZE - 2 x 3