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There is no greater comfort in life than the unconditional love and support of family. Like the roots of a tree, family nourishes and encourages us to grow to limitless possibilities. The Tree of Family reminds us that no matter how far we branch out as individuals, our family is always there for support, for encouragement, and above all, for love.

Our Tree of Family handblown glass globes and oil lamps are a gift for new parents, to celebrate their new or growing family, or as a gift for Mom and Dad as a child leaves the nest to start anew. For many occasions, it is a beautiful reminder of how much the family supports and loves the person who receives this lovely present.

Small (measures about 3 inches round, about the size of a baseball)

Large (measures about 6 inches round, like a very large grapefruit) 

Extra Large (measures about 12 inches round, very big and beautiful)!

Oil Lamp (measures about the same size as the large, but with a flat base and wick)