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Rocket Ship Bed Trip - 

Imagine the thrill of a nighttime trip through the solar system, experiencing the wonders, sights, and weightlessness of outer space.  The Rocket Ship Bed Trip takes the young reader on such an adventure.  So get ready in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... BLAST OFF!

This is a wonderful baby shower gift, birthday gift, encouragement gift or friendship gift for young ones or parents of young ones to explore and enjoy the power of reading, art and imagination.

Pirate Ship Bed Trip - 

As nighttime falls, James and his bunny set sail on his magical bed that turns into a swashbuckling pirate ship. Using ancient seafaring tools and celestial navigation, the captain sets a course for adventure. They travel across the seas and explore island shores, crusty caves, and even find hidden treasure; but James isn't the only one looking for riches. Aargh you ready to find out if James can hold onto his discovery, or are you just a scared wee scallawag?

The Children's Horrible House - Vol I

Do you have what it takes to survive in the Children's Horrible House...?

Holly Spinatsch, a curious and rebellious tomboy, was forewarned by her siblings that if she didn't make her bed, she would be taken to The Children's Horrible House...and indeed she was. On her search for kinship in this seemingly haunted, jail-like mansion, she discovers the mystery lurking and breathing, crying out for discovery. However, when she and her friends attempt to solve the mystery, they are only left with more questions. 

Return to the Children's Horrible House - Vol II

Do you have what it takes to the Children's Horrible House...?

Holly Spinatsch wakes up from what she believes was a dream until a slew of clues leads her to conclude that what she experienced at The Children's Horrible House may have indeed occurred. Her sister's dog runs away and with him her hopes of seeing her friends from the horrible house becomes bleak. After being enrolled in a new school, her hope is revived when she sees Coriander, the closest ally that she met during her stay at the mysterious mansion. With him, she decides to go back but they are not sure how to get there until a note from Holly's older sister, Juniper, jumpstarts their resolve to return. Meanwhile Sirius Pankins, the director, is plotting a trap to force these kids to find what she believes is her rightful fortune but nostalgic flashes from her lost family cause her to lose sight of her goal.

Escape from the Children's Horrible House - Vol III

Do you have what it takes to escape from the Children's Horrible House?

In this third book of The Children's Horrible House series, Holly Spinatsch and Coriander Oats have returned only to realize they must escape...NOW! Wistful memories of her Horrible House friends and Coriander's obsession to find the hidden treasure have led them back to discover that the intimidating house is more fragile than it appeared. 

Holly learns that the mystery she uncovered on her first was just the tip of the iceberg. With the help of Juniper and her friends, Holly discovers a hidden presence much larger than anyone could have imagined. 

From deep inside an underground cave, a signal is calling while a cosmic force threatens to engulf the entire estate. Will Holly and Coriander escape empty-handed, once again? Will they all?

Author Bio - N. Jane Quackenbush is a graduate of Palm Beach Atlantic University.  Based on a fascination with outer space, one of her childhood dreams became the inspiration for this story.  N. Jane lives in St. Augustine, Florida, with her hard-working husband and two gorgeous boys, and still enjoys stargazing and the wonders of the universe.