Letting Go Massage and Body Oil

Letting Go helps detoxify and release negativity due to stress, fear and grief stored in the physical body. Detoxifying Juniper combats fatigue, while bright Grapefruit stimulates the lymphatic system and Rosemary helps combat nervous tension.

Directions: Massage over the entire body to revitalize muscles and release tension from your Body, Mind and Soul. Set your intention and let go!

Enhance the power of healing hands to revitalize and nourish. When pure essential oils penetrate the skin, healing components enter the bloodstream and go to work, affecting various systems in the body. Massage into the entire body or self apply as a body oil. 100% pure Reiki-charged essential oil blends in Almond and Avocado oils. 

No Synthetic Fragrances. Gluten Free. Soy Free. Vegan & Cruelty Free. Made in USA. 4 oz