Lavender Comforts Gift Set

Give the gift of comforting ClarySage Lavender.

Clary Sage Lavender is our fan-favorite relaxing aroma. This gift set features three of our top-selling products in our signature Clary Sage Lavender aroma, wrapped and ready to present to that special someone in a kraft paper gift box made from recycled materials.


  • Pure Essential Oil Reed Diffuser, ClarySage Lavender
  • Shampoo & Body Soap, Clary Sage Lavender
  • Moisturizing Body Balm, Clary Sage Lavender  

Clary Sage Lavender is a calming and relaxing aroma, featuring notes of sweet French lavender and herbaceous spike lavender, earthy clary sage, bright lemon, soothing palmarosa, and other 100% pure essential oils.