Large Table Top Stand

We love these stands, as they are the most elegant and sturdy way to display our popular glass globes on a table top.

HANDMADE - These stands are handmade for the Tree of Enchantment globes

ELEGANT - With a graceful design, these are a beautiful and elegant way to safely display our Tree of Enchantment globes safely on a mantle, table or desk

STURDY - There are other stands out there, but none can rival the quality of our handmade wrought iron ornament stands

QUALITY - Display your Tree of Enchantment globes year round with these stands, that are made for year round use in your home or office

GREAT GIFT - This is the most popular choice as an add on gift to go with our Tree of Enchantment globes

PERFECT SIZE: This stand is made by the artist for the Large Tree of Enchantment globes, and measures 15 inches tall