Creativity Pillar Candle

MADE IN USA - Handcrafted in the USA

HANDMADE IN SMALL BATCHES - Creativity is a best selling candle for our artists, writers and creatives; this combination of Iris, Rose and Cinnamon is inspiring and helps with focus. Light this candle when you want a fresh perspective, inspiration and creative flow.

REIKI CHARGED - These positive vibe candles are infused with positive healing energy as they are made by the candle maker, ensuring healing, uplifting intentions when used

PURE ESSENTIAL OILS - Created with the highest quality essential oils and clean burning wax, these candles are meant to last. Use this candle to inspire your creativity, while helping you to let go of stress, anxiety and blocks.

HOW TO USE - Find a comfortable space, and take a few moments to breathe in, then breathe out. Center yourself, light the candle, and envision stress and chaos leaving your body. Read the affirmation on the candle, outloud for best results. Center your attention on your strength and well being. 

SIZE - 6 x 3