Head Tonic Roll-on Relief for Headaches

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Head Tonic - Roll-on  Relief for Headaches

An endlessly effective remedy for headaches, sinus pressure, vog {volcanic emission} symptoms and pain. This blend opens the vessels, allowing for better circulation to reduce pressure & congestion, increase your pain threshold at the receptor level, cool the skin on contact and provide calming relaxation through aromatic therapeutic properties.

Indigo Elixirs are beauty & medicines formulated by a licensed herbalist in her jungle apothecary of Honolulu, Hawaii. Deanna Rose, L.Ac & Dipl.OM, sources plant materials from local farmers and her own herbal garden to provide skin care and wellness items that are as fresh as they are potent. Each botanical offering is cultivated consciously and infused with only pure & sustainable ingredients. By working with diverse and abundant island flora, every Elixir captures a hint of Hawaii's lush exotic essence.

* Eco Friendly

* Produced using sustainable processes and materials

* Lovingly made by hand

* Made In the USA

* Made with love in Hawaii